Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Arquillian Ajocado 1.0.0.CR2 Released

RichFaces-Selenium project was re-factored to new structure, it had underwent peer-reviews and documentation efforts and as what is most important, it has moved under Arquillian project as extension called Ajocado /ˈeɪdʒəˈkɑːdəʊ/.

And... Arquillian Ajocado 1.0.0.CR2 has been released!

Introducing Ajocado

Ajocado (formerly known as RichFaces-Selenium) has obviously exceeded the initiative which it has been formerly intended for

RichFaces-Selenium has been integrated with Arquillian and its very own Drone extension to enable advanced lifecycle management which these projects offers.

The move is really significant, because it is now obvious that project has developed to full-featured wrapper for Selenium 1.x API.

Where it is deployed already?

Ajocado is now used by some other teams across JBoss Quality Assurance department, namely for testing of Seam, Portal, Spring, GWT and Struts (Web Framework Kit) and it is considered to be used for automation of functional test suites of other projects.

But from the stand-point from team, where initial ideas had grown - RichFaces - Ajocado is the project which enabled automation of its functional test suite (counting 2350 unique tests) for this UI component suite.

Why it matters?

Why the new wrapper for Selenium 1.x matters? You can read more in introduction in Ajocado project documentation:

Ajocado project is designed as enhancement of Selenium project focused on rapid development and usability in Java environment.
  • API is straightforward and enforces tester to write Ajax-enabled tests,
  • internals enables JQuery location strategy, which improves performance of the tests,
  • brings concepts for on-the-fly injection of own selenium extensions and also extensions to page code (enabling advanced testing features)
  • allows command interception and request interception,
  • it brings type-safe equivalent of Selenium version 1.x, enabling auto-completion and rapid development style,
  • integrates with Arquillian using Arquillian Drone extension.
With all the concepts above, Ajocado brings new power to space of enterprise Java-based testing.

Release Candidate 2

Second release candidate was lead in spirit of stabilization, component upgrades and finishing documentation - you may also want to review complete release notes.


We would like to introduce support for Selenium 2 API and migrate more cool features which can be seen not only in RichFaces test suite... just stay tuned. ;-)